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There's all sorts of reasons to book yourself a portrait session. Whether it's to capture a big moment, like starting (or leaving) school/university for the kids, to capture your family together, or maybe a portrait session to spoil yourself or a family member as a gift. 

One shoot can also have more than one use; Family or kids sessions can do two jobs at once; Giving you lovely photos to hang on your own wall, as well as fantastic gifts for grandparents or other family!

Pregnancy is also a great topic for a portrait session. It's a very big, beautiful and also surprisingly brief, part of the story of your growing family; it's important to capture it.

These sessions can be a great confidence booster for anyone of any age. If you have an idea, see the range of packages below and drop a message and we can discuss it.

S.R. Wood Photography - Portrait Photography

You can visit the Portfolio section to see more comprehensive galleries of portrait shoots I have done.

S.R. Wood Photography - Portrait Photography

Kids Mini-Shoot 

[From £40]

If there's one thing you learn as a parent, it's that time seems to disappear; blink and your giggling newborn baby is suddenly a headstrong five year old starting primary school! Blink again and they're a teenager set for leaving high school! That's why it's important to capture every precious moment.

Whether it's their early days, starting school, an important birthday,  getting ready for a big school prom, or you just want a more up to date picture for your living room wall, you deserve more than just a quick snap on your phone to remember those times by.

Get in touch to arrange a 30 minute kids session.

Before the shoot we'll discuss what you're looking for (or if it's for older ones, what they're looking for), we can then organise a date for the shoot!
Shortly after the shoot you'll be able to view your edited images on a password protected gallery. You can then choose one these images to receive as a full size JPEG via direct delivery through your gallery.

If you have more than one child you'd like photographed, then there is an additional £20 charge per child. Included in the extra charge is an extra 15 minutes shooting time and two additional digital images, allowing you to have individual as well as.

Those additional children don't have to be related, so if you want to team up to get your child and one of their friends shot together, for example, and then split the bill, that's entirely fine.

Additional images over and above those included in the package can also be purchased for £10 each or three for £25.

* - We do not currently cater for individual newborn shoots, only as part of a family or maternity shoot but feel free to get in touch to discuss what you're looking for.

S.R. Wood Photography - Portrait Photography

Family Shoot

[From £150]

Family life can be hectic; lots of spinning plates means sometimes you can forget to stop and make sure you have some pictures of you all together. Upgrade from the same pictures of everyone trying to squeeze in to a selfie-cam shot with a family shoot with us!

Starting off with a consultation we can discuss what sort of shoot you are looking for and where you'd like to have it before the camera even comes out the bag. We can then schedule in your shoot.

Either shooting at your home or at a location this 90 minute session allows plenty time for a range of formal and informal family portraits while allowing enough time to ensure nothing is rushed, the shoot is relaxed and letting the kids take a break to stop them losing interest.

Shortly after the shoot you'll be able to view your edited images on a password protected gallery.

You will then receive all the full sized edited pictures from your family shoot on a USB key.

S.R. Wood Photography - Portrait Photography

Personal Shoot

[From £200]

Photography isn't all for kids and families though. Grown ups are allowed to play too!

There can be a special reason for the shoot, or no real reason at all. It can be a personal shoot just for yourself, a shoot bought as gift for a loved one or even a maternity shoot for mums-to-be (dads-to-be can join in too if they want), everyone deserves quality photographs of themselves to show off and feel good about.

As with the other packages, we start off with a consultation to discuss what it is you are looking for before we schedule the shoot. The Personal Shoot is a three hour session either at home, on location or a mixture of both. This allows for a range of styles, poses and outfit changes as required.      

Shortly after the shoot you'll be able to view your edited images on a password protected gallery.

You can then choose up to five of these images to receive full size via direct delivery through your gallery.

Additional images can be purchased for extra fee.

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