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Robert came to us because he felt his professional representation online could do with taking to the next level to better reflect his work profile and his role.
Up until our photoshoot, his LinkedIn photo was, as you can see below and like so many people's, just a quick selfie snap on his phone.


We discussed what Robert was looking for, and he himself already had a strong idea for what he wanted from his pictures; trying to incorporate the picturesque view of the Carse of Gowrie that was available from his home in to his headshots, instead of a more plain non-descript background.

We took a range of poses and a couple of different dress options to give Robert a choice for whatever he felt suited him best.

If you think your online business presence; be it your LinkedIn profile, website, or social media could benefit from a similar upgrade, click on the Contact button in the menu and get in touch to discuss our affordable business headshot/photography packages.

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