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Seems a long time ago since that sunny but freezing cold day in November 2013 when I responded to a request from the Dundee Hurricanes looking for a team photographer to capture the training session for the last game of the year against 2014 league new-comers the Aberdeen Roughnecks, with a view to covering their entire year. But now here we are at the end of the season having not long completed coverage of a slightly controversial draw in the final game against those very same Roughnecks.

I had been following the Hurricanes for a few years as I know a member of the team and 2013 had been a particularly bruising season for the team, losing all ten of their league games, so they were determined to regroup and rebuild for this year. It seemed like a good opportunity to capture these guys in action, so I jumped right in at the chance. Thankfully for me, they said yes.

There have been lots of highs and lows over the last six months. Triumphs and disappointments. Lucky breaks and not so lucky breaks. It has been fantastic to be in the middle of all the action and all the emotion involved, to be able to capture it all up close and despite 2014 not being quite the Hollywood-esque heroic tale of triumph over adversity that we might all have hoped for at the beginning of the year, there are plenty indications that the team are back on the ascent and a lot to get excited over come 2015. It has also been a great boost for me, particularly having received some press attention for my work.

If you are interested in following the exploits of the Hurricanes then you can find them at Facebook and Twitter. Also look out for details on a forthcoming documentary recounting the Hurricanes' 2014 season, Bend Don't Break, from the talented guys at Buy The Ticket Productions.

Thanks to they guys in the committee who gave me a shot at capturing their team in action and to all the guys on the team who put up with me ferreting around them during the games. It was a entertaining experience watching the guys in action from the sidelines and a rewarding one getting to capture some great moments. I look forward to working with them again in 2015 if they'll let me.

Here are some of the highlights of the year...

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