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Catherine & Phil
Inchture Hotel
Wedding Photography

Catherine & Phil gave me the unenviable task of lugging all my gear the massive 800 yard commute from my house to the for their wedding back in August.

I love doing weddings at the Inchture Hotel, not just because it's a stone's throw from my bed, but it's a great little venue and Stef and his team always give 100% in making sure the couple have the best day possible.

After the ceremony it was off to the Redwood Avenue, Inchture's number 1 tourist attraction, for some photographs and refreshment supplied by "Butler on a Bike", before heading back to the hotel for the speeches and a traditional bit of ceilidh dancing.

Extra congratulations go to the couple due to the fact that in lieu of a gift list, Catherine and Phil asked guests to make charity donations and managed to raise over £2000 towards good causes.

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