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Hi there,

We're S.R. Wood Photography and we will be providing the school portrait photos for Inchture Primary during the 2023/24 year. We are a local business who have previously done a range of work in the community; working to provide photography of the Inchture Village Fete as well as doing fundraising shoots with the Parent Teacher Council and the Baby & Toddler Group.

As our focus will be solely on Inchture, we want to take the proper time and provide a relaxed and comfortable shooting environment on the day to help create the best possible pictures. 

Our aim is to provide high quality, affordable school portraits you are proud to show off, and to offer them in a streamlined range of standard sized options that make it easy to order exactly what you need, and how you need it, for the perfect wall display or gifts for family.

After the shoot and editing process, everyone will receive a link to their own individual, secure password protected gallery for their child's pictures. From that gallery you will be able to order prints, wall display products and keepsakes.

All products you order will be supplied to you directly by one of the UK's top professional photographic print labs which we use for the majority of our wedding products, to ensure you receive the best quality prints and products possible.

If you would prefer to do your own printing at home or from your own choice of printers, the option of a high resolution digital download of your galleries will also be available.

Below is a small selection of sample photos of my previous portrait work from doing photoshoots at the Inchture Village Hall in association with the Inchture Parent Teacher Council that we hope reflect the type and quality of pictures we'll be aiming to deliver for the school photographs.

Information about the details, dates, times and format etc of the photoshoots will be supplied through the school but we will also keep this page updated with relevant information as and when needed.



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