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About S.R. Wood Photography

Thanks for your interest in S.R. Wood Photography. You can learn a bit more about me down below, but first the important stuff;

Whether you're planning for your big day, having a party, looking for some nice personal  photos or your business needs some fresh promotional shots, we're here to bring you the photography you're looking for. Looking for something that isn't covered above? Perhaps some press promotional photos, coverage of a charity event or some sports coverage, just get in touch for a customised quote, we're always happy to help with almost any of your photography needs.

The philosophy behind S.R. Wood Photography is "Professional Photography For Everyone", because I know from personal experience, it's very easy to get intimidated by, for example, supplier costs for events like weddings and either feel the need to cut a corner you'll later regret, or feel pressured in to spending more than you can afford. Don't convince yourself you don't need a proper record of your wedding day or trust such a responsibility to a relative who got a fancy camera for Christmas; get in touch for an affordable and reliable package that suits your budget.      

It is my aim to allow everyone to access affordable photography that doesn't compromise on quality.

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About Me

So who is the S.R. Wood in S.R. Wood Photography? I'm Stuart. It doesn't matter what my middle name is, it's just that genuinely there are lots of us Stuart Woods in the photography world and the rest unfortunately beat me to using my own name!

As I mentioned in my Business page, one of the best things you can do to help your customers is put a face to the name, so here I am at work and in an array of meaningful catalogue poses! I have been known to smile and laugh occasionally despite what these pictures suggest. You can see why I normally work behind the camera! ☺

I am a self-taught photographer, learning all my skills and abilities over the years through books, seminars, experimentation and all around learning on the job.Before making the decision to switch from photography as a part time hobby to a full time adventure I worked as a manager in the customer service industry for many years, which helped me with the skills to make sure I help my clients get what they need.

When I'm not out taking pictures, or squirrelled away in my office editing them, I'm busy embarrassing my wife and daughter with nerdy hobbies or trying to free an unfortunate unwary mouse from the clutches of our cat!

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